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composer Tiagaraja Adil Christoph Allenstein, © 2021  
from:  Millennium Music Poetry  THE BOOK OF CHANTS  







A.  Book of Chants

Unhappy women are unhappy for having loved in their own way (Lew Tolstoi)
Spirituality nowadays teaches sons to soullessly minded call a woman 'mine'; this sexuality turns every woman’s face into stone, then there is deep darkness, perfume must mask the unfulfilled longing. But if men’s holy soul-arts will console the wounded hearts, women’s personalities will shine like big diamonds.

The unsaintly, spiritual-individualistic womb chakra is the trigger for violence among men who do not commit their spiritual-cultural resources to the community. Reactively, psychoses and neuroses form the dynamics of self-reinforcing systems: riots, revolutions, suffering, diseases, premature death are increasing. The Marian spirit, on the other hand, heals by 'divine mercy' (Max Ernst: La vierge corrigeant l’enfant Jésus).

A temple we are desecrated by father and mother. Your answer remain deception.
'The Mountain is despoiled. Its trees are felled, and it stands naked; and upon its summit there is a Temple. It is of marble, and of gold, and of glass and steel; and is wonderful, but terrible. No man prayeth there.' (Tolkien, History of Middle-earth, The Lost Road). The soul is falling into the morass fighting of religions; the creative dream is dying away in the pollutions of the faith, the divine persona’s exuberance. 'Turmoil of dubious odour' (C. Lévi-Strauss) depraves the fragrance of the rose just as the nightingale’s singing; war culture’s blasted concrete barracks are consuming our souls.

Pandora's Box  The Venus trap, as seductive woman, sucks us into her trivial and monotonous patterns. The cry for help of daughter Earth is subjected to the charm of the pride of the mothers’ sons. Our need for comfort and our craving for recognition of our personality subjugates the culture of humanity. Masculinity glows in sultry damp. 'An excess of spiritual power draws femininity down into ruin' (C.G. Jung). 'In bloody constraint', a paternal majesty murders the cultural values of humanity. In the hormonal charm of natural childbirth 'women in their morality go conform with anyone they love' (La Bruyère). 'And it is this long, very narrow alley, comparable with a very low, dark and narrow oven, its bottom of total dirt, stinking mud full of disgusting worms – there the soul’s dying away takes place amidst unspeakable, devastating despair.' (Theresa de Ávila, Libro de la Vida)

In planetary conscience 'Towards the One'  Those who are recklessly making love, i.e. not having harmonized their inner transformations and soul-conditions in with the divine magisterium in dialogue are impure and virtually excluded from the sacred act (2 Maccabees 3:39; Matthew 22:14). No woman should dare be man’s heart guide, unless being completely godlikely formed by inherent soul ecstasy, nominated representative by spiritual guidance and judgment. In serving functions of a complementary hierarchy (Luke 9:46-48; 22:24-27) Cultural Spirit descends from heaven to suffuse with creative light; that femininity with eyes of its holiest capacity may be exalted to the divine constitution and competence, so that the will is acting out of love and nature gives what is manifest in the hierarchy. (according to Areopagita, De ecclesiastica hierarchia 3.3.14)

Looking at life in an overview, in conversation many people tend "to regurgitate" their impressions which are the result of certain events in the form of introspection. Identified only with the personal self-image, however, assessments of circumstances are highly preconceived: Dialogue will then become counterproductive! (Sura 2.6-7 The Cow). If, on the other hand, we strive to recognize what should actually cosmically take place spiritually and culturally in the circumstances, we will see that it is about archetypes, soul capacities of men, as well as about the coming into being of spiritual qualities in women. Jealousy and envy have caused fratricide; therefore, besides 'faith' of the Great Goddess and 'hope' of the Great Mother, is greatest: love (1 Corinthians 13:13).



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essence  Alpha et Omega

Table of contents of each chapter:

Symphony Universel: sacred-music-festival
»significatio passiva«

A. Book of Chants
Situation: Anamnesis und anā-lysis
C. I. Of the Inner Images
II. Of the masters’ Rationality
D. Dieu sensible au Cœur
Vulnerability of the Heart and Spiritual Resilience
Die Antwort des Universums: 'Gottes Wundertaten'
Appell an die Frauen
Global Warning
   Zerstörung von Religion, Bildung und Kultur
J. Religionskriege
Christentum und Ethics conference
Wissen und Vision
I. Der schöpferische Ausdruck von Liebe
II. Das Geheiligte, die Verehrung der Weiblichen Seite Gottes
III. Die Heilkraft der Liebe
IV. Bedeutung der menschlichen Beziehung
V. Der Heilige Gral
VI. Der heilige Kontakt
Kulturelles Herz und Unbefleckte Empfängnis
Beziehungs-Situation auf Planet Erde
Über heilende Hormone und vergiftende Stoffe
Integral Ethics Unity in Multiplicity
R. Women-Universel-Global-Ethics
S. Healing – Awakening of Womanity
T. Interreligious Sciences of Sacred Art-Therapy
U. Ethics Conference on Dialogue
V. Transcultural Mentoring
Gebete und Gesänge
Universel – Intertextual Human Experience
last words
Interreligious Sciences of Sacred Art-Therapy (ISSAT)
Responsorium Graduale
The Cosmic Mandala
Vom Flügelschlag der Schmetterlinge