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J.  Nuclear War against Humane Culture

Zu allen Zeitaltern waren die Völker unterschiedlich, weil sie ihre Gottheit mit unter-schiedlichen Namen bezeichneten. Und seit Jahrtausenden brennen Kriege, Kämpfe und Familienfehden auf, in denen Menschen sich nur wegen der unterschiedlichen Namen ihrer Gottheit spalten. Fundamentalisten und Nationalisten sehen immer genau das, was sie sehen! Das dringende Gebot der Stunde ist, dass Männer von Nationalismen {Neurose} sich lösen, um Fundamentalismen {Psychose} zu heilen: zu Einer Kultur der Menschheit.

Warnung vor kommenden Gefahren  Die wirksamsten und zähesten Form eines 'Krieges gegen die Natur und das Wesen Notre-Dames' besteht darin, den Menschen Hotelier-Bedürfnisse einzuimpfen, welche die veralteten Beziehungsformen 'Genussehe, Wiederheirat' verewigen – damit aber Europa zur Beute 'Irans & Russlands' werden lässt, bis, als angerufener Friedensschlächter, 'China-Konkubinat' militant in Europa Einzug hält?  

There will always be people who, with strength and joy will fight against the bad in the world by the good, whereas good angels prefer to transfigure the bad by the beautiful and creating the future of the Common Space, building a New World; these are the ones who 'have the Great Mother in Heaven' (Galatians 4:26) in freedom, as well as recognizing 'the Christ' in Buddha, in Fatima as well as in Krishna; these believers, however, are entirely different from those who support in intentions and actions that which their 'demigods or honored ancestors' have in mind. Between these two groups there can never be uniformity of intention and action: some are concerned with morality, with justice, right and right and wrong doing; Moreover, New Ethics enters into a deep emotional connection with the cultural spiritual path, which is intertwined with the Great Mother – the emotions run high, old wounds open up, and "only by developing good virtues, contemplation and wisdom, the intricate intertwinements of suffering can be untangled and overcome" (Ajahn Tong) – but there is no alternative!

It is team spirit that men and women stay together, supporting each other, that one can count on the other. In order to support men in their Marian holiness, women must have the strengths of Green Tara's mastery: the feeling of sitting together in the psyche-analytical boat of 'Planetary Consciousness and dialogue'; because not to heal in the depth psychology of Buddha can become an ego trip for women's personality {that one wants to prove something to oneself and others instead of putting a stop to the piety psychosis of men}. So as long as women do not work in the lineage of Buddha – bodhi: the emotion of self-/god-love 'light upon a light' (charity through satipatthana-giving) – while simultaneously men are active with their thinking and repent irreligious morals, no great results can be achieved towards 'peace on earth' [the ending of genocide] and world health (the ending of psychosomatic suicide of the female soul).

The four incarnations of the human spirit  The usual way of birth of the human being absorbs the memory of the past, some say 'reincarnation of previous lives'; here man shows himself to be completely dependent on the previous deeds of his ancestors. The second incarnation is the path of spiritual initiation; under the vow 'may we be among those who bring about the transfiguration of the earth', ascending into the heavens, the memory of previous states in the transcendental planes awakens, here 'the Christ-personality-mentality' is formed. With the third type of incarnation by spiritual practice the soul has attained the degree of that holiness by which it can teach women the heart's compassion, forgiveness, tolerance, self-sufficiency, self-discipline in the Third Temple. With the fourth incarnation, the angels are blessed beyond their soul-therapeutic abilities so that they can fulfil helpful functions, such as giving peacemaking religious teachings to belligerent peoples.

To repair relationship, women want to go back and put things right. But a storm is blowing out of paradise. And this storm always blows women back into the future. And this storm is called men's soul progress. "When we sit down and whishing to write something on the 'meaning of love', we become particularly painfully aware that we are absent, for without the Soul Spirit of the men in the community, it is as if we are not there at all." (Film script 'Malina' 1991). When women then dance: "If men leave us heartbroken because now we can never see them in our piously life: it doesn't matter! Jesus, Muhammad, Moses is our adorable Lord, and O Krishna, dear Lord, please appear before us, dancing with your flute!" – This is not devotion, this is delusion that starts wars!

The cause must resolutely be made known in the King’s court. It must be proclaimed in accordance with the truth. Danger! One must inform one's own city. It is not beneficial to take up arms. It is beneficial to take action. (I CHING 43).

Wenn der Höchste Sein Zelt nicht geheiligt, dass Gott in ihr wohnt
Stellen wir auf manchem Gebiet (Tourismus-Messen) Fortschritte fest, so müssen wir ehrlicherweise auf anderem (der Friedensmesse) solche Rückschritte hinnehmen, die Thermonuklearkrieg in Europa auszulösen vermögen. Wirkliche Umwandlung einer Gesellschaft kann aber nicht durch Bürgerkrieg erfolgen. Würde den Kontinent auch 'russischer Papst' führen, träfen die Völker erneut auf die gleiche Unordnung, die gleichen Unredlichkeiten, gleichen Ungerechtigkeiten: Opfer und Schlächter haben einzig nur das Lager gewechselt – sonst nichts. Der echte Fortschritt, die evolutionäre Verbesserung geht aus dem im Neuen mythologischen Denken aufstrebendem gläubigen Herzen der Frauen hervor, das einen vom Himmel herabkommenden humanen Schöpferischen Geist der Männer ersehnt, dank erleuchteten Lichts der Spiritualität unserer Seelen. Wie sollen denn global Veränderungen wirksam sein, wenn Anbetungsweisen nationalistisch die gleichen bleiben: egoistisch, unehrlich, hinterlistig; wie etwa: „Sie haben ihn gekreuzigt!“ oder „Allah hat uns das erlaubt!“? Wenn Frauen nicht erleuchtete Seele sind, und sie folglich auch keine Ahnung haben, was der Seelenlose bewirkt, mit dem sie da den Rest ihres Lebens zu verbringen versuchen, bleibt 'Der Sinn der Liebe' ihnen für immer verborgen, das Vater-Unser 'eine Bitte um Brot'.

Just as there are stages of an 'ascent to God' in the spiritual practice of men, so there are complementary stages of those spiritual powers through which women ascend spiritually from the lowest to the highest things. The stages are, from the outer to the inner, and from temporal to eternal things: sense-perception, imagination, heart-mind and soul-reason, insight and emotion of that spirit which is called the 'spark of conscience'. These stages – implanted by nature, disfigured by guilt, re-shaped by grace – must be purified by justice, trained by knowledge, and then perfected by wisdom. (according to Bonaventura da Bagnoregio, Itinerarium mentis in Deum).

The situation on planet earth – the conflict with Islam
'Bad femininity' (Sura 24,26) – which already seemed to be "monastically eliminated" by Catholicism is striving on its own, 'secretly and unexpectedly from within and from below' (I GING 44) towards men. The fact that 'good men' "take women as they please" (Genesis 6,2) is an extremely dangerous situation, because of the impending consequence of a nuclear war, which must now be recognised in Europe in the right time and thus prevented.

Through women’s 'not seeing, not hearing, not speaking', men know no foundation of soul desire to bring peace and healing to humanity. The soulless man is always a slave to his "blind" wife who does not love Buddha with all her heart, all her soul, so that within her His voice is teaching Dharma. The woman as merchandise has taken the place of 'immaculate conception'. The reasons for the war among the peoples are: the desire of the fathers to enjoy "protestantism" at all costs, as well as the sons' obsession with their "historical heritage" (Romeo and Juliet, Act 2 Scene 2).


It is not for the sake of the husband that the husband is dear, but for the sake of the self
the husband is dear; and indeed, it is not for the sake of the wife that the the wife is dear,
but for the sake of the self the wife is dear. Brihadaranyaka-Upanishad 4.2.5



Of unicorns, lions, moons and roses  A woman is a woman, is a woman, in the East as in the West, 'bad women are for bad men, and bad men are for bad women; good women are for good men' (Holy Qur'an, Sura 24, Aya 26; Jeremiah 24,1-10). But what are 'good men'? – There is a spiritually cultural task awaiting every man that no one else in this world can fulfil. Many men do not like their task (their wifes rebel against it). But it remains their task to give women cultural spirit with which it reveals in the symphony of spheres that every man has his own area of spiritual freedom, but that every woman must limit her freedom in the interest of the whole.

Self-realisation  "A novice, grounded in his transcendence to Notre-Dame, immediately recognises the Great Mother, and is filled with supreme joy from his praise of the Great Goddess. He never complains or desires anything. On his mystical path, »Not the Goddess, but God«, he is like-minded to every living being. In the state of spiritual perfection, chosen as a Cultural-Creative (Matthew 22:14), he attains pure devotional service to Me" (Bhagavad-gita 18:54), the spirit of guidance: the Planetary Consciousness of Women [see the steps in the meditation picture of Brother Klaus (counter-clockwise): From worship of the Lord (1) to the proclamation of the Good News (6)]. || La Dame à la Licorne shows noble ladies the path to ethics: 1. 'Playing the organ': having "Namu Amida Butsu" be sung in home church and 2. giving Dharma teachings by feeding the 'parrot'. 3. 'L'odorat': holding wedding with God. 4. Guiding the archetype with the 'soul mirror', 5. guiding 'the unicorn’s horn' to His service. A mon seul désir: birth of the goddess.

Wann immer 'gute Männer' sehen, dass Frauen entscheidendes Gutes fehlt, können sie es aus ihrem eigenen Herzen ergänzen und so den Adel der weiblichen Natur vervollständigen. Dies geschieht, indem sie Heiligen Geist, nämlich Geduld, Toleranz, Freundlichkeit und Vergebung, an Frauen übertragen. Jene Macht, die jedes noch so kleine Zeichen des Guten liebt, übersieht der Frauen Neurose (Ichhaftigkeit), Sie füllt die Lücke in die fromm-erkrankten Herzen, indem Sie Gnade und Erbarmen, Liebe und Licht ausschüttet und so das, was zur Gesundung im Organismus fehlt, ausgleicht. So sind die Ritter Notre-Dames, die Sie liebt, Frieden zu machen.




Embers don't do it. Deliver me! I can die no longer. (Ingeborg Bachmann, Poems).
About men and women
 There are men who rob life out of Eve, and who drink too much of 'the waters of forgetfulness'; these therefore have difficulty to understand what life means: they are those who warlike and sexually exploit women, and who, for the sake of profit, "efficiently and successfully, disciplined, responsibly and industriously" do not heal the earth of the lack of "making the church appear glorious before them, without spots, without wrinkles, that it may be holy and without blemish" (Ephesians 5:25-32); because of the density of matter that envelops them, they are not aware of the presence of the creative spirit and the great healing mercy, which really exist in them in the palace of the mirror of the soul: they hear nothing, see nothing and speak nothing, as if there was nothing. Women, who are denied to give to the man 'the divine water of remembrance' to their souls, are, on the other hand, plagued by old memories – if love cannot correct the mistakes, they develop cancer, cerebral infarction . . . 'The soulless man is like an animal because he does not know the meaning of love, neither in this life nor after death' (Srimad-Bhagavatam 4.25.33-39); the animal does not thrive by those who imitate the animal sound: men do not change by merely 'glorifying Allah's name'.


Limerence and love  Just as there are different wines, so there are different goblets: one is for good, and one for evil (Sohar, Pekudei 515 / Holy Qur'an 24:26, Sirach 6:1). 'The sacredly produced juice, infusing the goblet, instilling all bliss' (Sama-Veda – once struck by limerence, the unenlightened soul is distressed day and night; noble women should actually never send Cupid's arrow, as they would otherwise really violate the vitally soulful and spiritual organs of an Adam. "But to whom his own mind becomes soulless, and doom approaches, the unwholesome, that which appears to be wholesome, is firmly seated in the heart. You do not want to see it! He who then separates himself from the community, even if he has many virtues, will be regarded by his enemies as easy prey, like a solitary tree in the wind." 'Women, determined by inferiority of soul, are robbed of reason by the gods. Indulgence is then a good policy for women to follow, if it is connected with men's power of cultural soul; otherwise the life power disappears from the chalice of material existence – leaving behind poisoned honey of unfulfilled cosmic desires' (Mahabharata, Udyoga Parva 34). The worshipper of 'Fatima's Immaculate Heart' is completely drunk, attaining wisdom and renunciation, drinking from the chalice of inhaling and exhaling love (Hafis). Women who lack enlightened souls consider irreligion as religion, religion as irreligion; thus it happens that men no longer know the difference between the moral and the ethical way of life, and therefore not being able to distinguish between actions that should be practised and actions that should not be practised.

The well and the sacrifice of the little blue bird  Through their individual and special soulful way of living and working spiritually in the community by giving healing, 'good men' put themselves on the same wavelength like 'good women' (Qur'an Sura 24 The Light); this draws women up to their true nature, like water from a deep well. This is the greatest 'magical secret' lying concealed in the words "Give me to drink" (John 4:7). Through altruistic soul activity on the part of men, women manage to vibrate in exactly the same soul wavelength as 'the descending holy fire of the human spirit'. This is how 'Planetary Consciousness' speaks and manifests to women truly through the spirit of the Universe. In order to create a sacramental connection, the sexes must the sexes must place themselves in the same spiritual vibrational conditions if they do not want to remain like animals, plants or fungi. This is Cosmic Law and the functional principle of the 'morphogenetic field' is based on it, to vibrate in harmony again, to receive healing cosmic messages and to benefit from love. As water is to the fish, spiritual femininity is the sun to the moon, both give birth to the stars of human culture: healing disease and ending war.


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