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E.  Heartsore and Resilience

1. 'She thought to herself: I am enthroned as queen. I and no one else! I never sit there as a widow, I will experience no mourning, and childlessness I know not' (Revelation 18:9; Isaiah 47:1-11; Lamentations 1:9). A battered femininity triumphs in the death of soldiers, 'From the corpse of the slain mother, the vengeance of Erinys rises inexorably' (L. Klages).

2. To grasp the significance differently

Now, perceiving our responsibility as human beings to bring healing to the earth, before our conscience committing ourselves, with all our heart, with all our soul to hold dialogue. Just as we have learnt to engage for ourselves, for our family, city and country, now, with an enlightened soul, we must feel responsible: for the well-being of the whole. Do we not urgently have to make efforts to oppose 'chaos, riots, wars, epidemics' with spiritual education and training?

The habitual thinking of a 'house'-wife is: 'How can my husband contribute to my happiness and spare me pain?' But from the moment that it becomes clear that "pursuing my happiness" brings suffering to humanity – according to cosmic nature, this metamorphosis happens in midlife (change from grihastha to vanaprastha, see Srimad-Bhagavatam 7.12.29-30) – she cannot possibly demand of the man, to be of service to her; rather, it is her Bodhisattva spirit that brings forth the soulful man as Parakletos Benignitatis – the angel outside his worldly business.

The heart of a woman who tries to live marriage without her husband's soulful faith becomes sterile, hopeless, often despairing to the very core of her being; and even if her mind tries to cover this up with a thirst for activity: she must resign herself to her fate, to cling to the status quo, if she does not want to defend herself against unhumanistic male characterologies with illness. The neurotic, the man without a merciful spirit, may not know what really interests him, but he knows very well what he is not interested in: 'healing through psychoanalysis in dialogue' in any case, that in particular does not interest him at all. He simply doesn't have the time to be interested in what he is not interested in: this is intensified by spirituality.

Cooled off love for humanity and pleading gaze  Through anima desire (spiritless gaze, soulless intimacy), the hearts of the men of the world are so weakened, so exhausted, that they are hardly able to summon themselves up for spiritual-cultural activity; consequently, many 'good women', due to their husband's lack of creative spirit, are afflicted with physical suffering or mental depressiveness. Once we understand, however, that men's transformation mystery to the archetypal activity of the soul in the community, is about the central problem of humanity: love or chaos, peace or war, health or death, the urgent and compelling significance of 'patronage for the Universel' is understood. The pleading gaze of the childlike genius calls out to his disciples: "My God, rise up! Free the earth from diseases, war and riots! Otherwise you will one day not be able to get rid of your tendency for lack of courage (cowardice), and you will be slain on the battlefield by the deadly fury of Kali. Face the events in the world! Be chivalrous soul leaders with intercultural dialogue in the community!"

The one who addresses the intellect of men, knocks at the gates of their mind to repentance; he is a skilful speaker, the sanctified communicator in dialogue, 'Rama'. Then 'Shiva' can call for repentance; his feelings deeply touch the people, his masterful preaching has a special effect on the hearts of the women. What then awakens the spirit of the listeners is the poetic vision of 'Krishna', evangelist of the New Age, and his composition will always be available as a work in the library of mankind.

What ability do men need in the third millennium? – Which sufferings are endangering women?
'There are people who only need to touch a glass of water to deprive the water in it of all strength and freshness' (Viktor Schauberger). This example serves only for a better understanding of what follows: the soullessly extroverted 'good man' is threatened with marital problems and loss of character if he does not perfect himself in the intercultural community to his soul destiny as 'divine mercy'; worldly-extraverted or pious-introverted women face problems of adjustment and loss of reality, illness, self-alienation or hysteria.

We are living in the age of synthesis, of collective action, in which men are maieutic partners to women, midwifing with soul-time engagement the potential capacities in women to unify humanity in peace, so that a beautiful world with beautiful people can emerge in mutual growth assistance. It is not enough that women, either wilfully or creatively, overcome dullness and conformism; it is necessary that men with individual-cultural Pentecostal spirit know how to raise Planetary Consciousness in women, and how to enhance it.

Notre Dame in dialogue  In their humanness 'to cure diseases and to help and to guide' (1 Corinthians 12:28), some are professors, others as deacons, others as knowledgeable therapists, healers of humanity in social, cultural and spiritual spheres. But how much spiritual intelligence of their wife do husbands need to realise: patronage to build the sanctuary of the spiritual community is the smaller price to pay for liberation and freedom than waging war with lodging nights (Matthew 24:38)?

3. Of the outcry of the earth after the awakening of the King's human spirit

A hundred times women are ready to burst into reproaches and tears; the state they are in regarding their "health" [be it that they feel "neurotically strong" or "psychosomatically weak" (feigning illness to hide their mood swings, many women actually become seriously ill)] serves them to hide their confusion and their distress, for 'after all, they are kept up by the pleasure of their husband feigning love or asceticism before them, as they feign towards their husband' (Madame de La Fayette, La Princesse de Clèves).

Rama besiegte, als Verkörperung von Vishnu [hl. Geist], dessen Lotusfüße von Shiva und Brahma verehrt werden, den egoistischen Affenkönig Vāli [etym. Schwefel: das begehrende Männer-Meisterprinzip], so dass er Sītā wiederfindend, das Ufer des Ozeans erreichte. Dort fürchtete sich der Ozean vor dem Zorn Ramas, so dass die mächtigsten Wasserwesen Angst bekamen. Da erschien der Ozean in persönlicher Gestalt, sich verneigend vor den Lotusfüßen Ramas, und sprach: O Höchster Herr, wir trägen Wesen der Natur sind wirklich nicht fähig, dich als den ursprünglichen Höchsten Geist, höchsten Meister aller Welten zu erkennen, Der im Herzen aller Wesen lebt. Die göttlichen Wesen sind das Ergebnis deiner Güte, und die Kshatriyas (Krieger) der Völker stammen aus deiner Leidenschaft, während die Herrscher der natürlichen Elemente aus deiner Grundqualität, 'Trägheit und Unwissenheit' (tamas) kommen. Du aber, o Herr, bist Meister über all diese natürlichen Qualitäten.(Bhagavata Purana 9.10. Die Geschichte von Rama. www.pushpak.de).

From the setting of the romantic sun  Gilgamesh – Utnapitschim says to him: "unhappy is thy heart, spent are thy features" (plate X) – is the experience of the soulless spouse: "In vain do I pursue the god who eludes us, in vain do I follow the goddess who abstains; irresistibly the night spreads its empire, black, humid and cold its shudder has touched me; a sepulchral breath blows through the languid darknesses, in the morass my foot gets into the unknown, where it feels the toads and the cold snails" [Mais je poursuis en vain le Dieu qui se retire. . . et mon pied peureux froisse, au bord du marécage, des crapauds imprévus et de froids limaçons (Charles Baudelaire, Le Boulevard, 1862-2)].

Das modere Liebesverhältnis der Geschlechter birgt – ohne die Unterstützung durch das Ideal 'unbefleckte Empfängnis' und 'das Sakrament der Ehe' (das sich die Brautleute übrigens selber spenden) – eine Riesenlast. Indem Männer sich diesem Problem durch Schweigen zu entziehen versuchen, stürzen sie Menschen, Länder, Völker in den Abgrund.

It takes courage to learn: to heal, to love and to engage and act, to make the world a safer, more beautiful and more pleasant place. Patronage for »Planetary Community« can only be created, however, when people can explain why and how they come to the sanctuary of the Great Goddess. And this can only succeed when women no longer want to compensate their innermost deficit with a position of power and when men have reflected the power of the poetry of the soulful spirit.

Once idises {Mère de l'humanité} sat, settled here and there. Some joined the bonds and others held up the army, some loosed fetters some loosed the fetters of captives: Escape bonds! Flee from the enemies! / There the foal of the Lord wrenched his foot. Then Sinthgunt and Sunna, her sister, conjured it; then Frija and Volla, her sister, conjured it – no one could heal. Until Wotan gave the spell: Bone to bone (bên zi bêna), blood to blood (bluot zi bluoda), limb to limbs (lid zi geliden), like glued they shall be! (Merseburg Spells; compare: Genesis 2:23; Ambrose Hymn; Isaiah 58:6-12; Ezekiel 37:7-28; Matthew 13:47-50; 21:1-5; Atharva Veda IV.12; Božena Němcová /Václav Vorlíček: Tři oříšky pro Popelku).

When the spiritual order of women begins to prevail over the disorder of men, humanity feels awakened – because the beloved, instead of attempting to recognise from his narcissistic ego, experiences the opposite: he is recognised by God. This gives noble men the feeling from within that they were hitherto mistaken; then a host of angels soon begins to see clearly: the vision of possible order. "Thou eternal life, we seek refuge in Thy loving embrace" becomes sacrament, and 'The spirit of guidance, source of all beauty and creator of harmony' recognises, "Love, Lover and Beloved Lord, You are our Divine Ideal!"

And the geronts seated on smoothed stones in that sacred circle, had in their hands the sceptres of the messengers {their spirit of guidance} raising their voices and then sprang up with them and spoke justice in turn. In the midst lay two talents of gold, to be given to him who among them spoke justice most rightly. (Homer, The Iliad 18:497-508).

Our cultural conscience

'There is enough milk, grain and metals' (Srimad-Bhagavatam 1.1.11).
Everything, then, is satisfactory in material terms. So there is actually no question of leaving one's 'flourishing kingdom' and of changing one's life to the 'Cultural Creative'. In reality, however, a man's world is actually poisoned by his thoughts, that is, by his views and concepts. Man forms this or that idea of God and according to this idea one thinks of oneself and of 'The meaning of life'. One lives according to preconceived ideas, which one learns in school, in the family, in one's environment, at spiritual lectures, clerical readings or the like. In the midst of life, however, femininity feels: "The grain is poisoned."

'A white horse comes as if flying: Not robber he is, wants free to the time limit.' (I GING 22.4)
A theacracy based on the knowledge of the Great Mother, in a society of earth-rooted goddesses- religion founded on equality of the sexes {Marija Gimbutas: The Civilisation of the Goddess, 1996}, this can call a halt to the 'flaming red horse' (Apocalypse 6:4) of the militant patriarchy [Hamas] of hierarchical male domination [of Russia and China] with its pantheon of gods orientated towards heaven ['the pale horse' (Revelation 6:8) of Shiite Sufism] when the heart of the Goddess loves again to espouse the begetting 'God, holy spirit' of enlightened masculinity.

5. First Dharma: the duty of men / Then worldpeace: the voluntary service of women

'Whenever dharma declines and injustice increases, you will be born in order to erect the virtue and the virtuous and to weaken the evil. Thus Thou renewest life on earth, O mysterious Holy Spirit.' Sri Ramana Maharshi, Collected Works. When the sun of spirituality shines in women, She brightens everything into clear forms. From this arises quite naturally the righteousness of 'Good Men' in cultural patronage; then women no longer have to struggle in a peasant way or go to pray in a church, but can live as 'world-women' in the true sense of the word.

Siegfried begot, bathed in dragon’s blood and overcame his "lindworm" as 'lord of the fire and the elements'. But when he as the first, running, bending to the spring {the virgin}, his desire {the lime-leaf, which revealed a fig-leaf (the Sunna) from Paradise} came forth [Nibelungenlied]. The earth darkened in the shadow of the light as the beloved "merged in him". 'The one I love, I let him do as he likes!' (Richard Wagner, The Wanderer) is civilized custom. Compassion then becomes the 'sharp sword on the extinguished heart', compelling the soul to fight for the light.

»Peace dialogue« can begin when influential men act with soul consciousness
If the transition from the past to the future is not brought about by clear initiative of men, by the resolute decision to found their school of dialogue, women will, by the law of entropy (and willingly so), fall back again with their thinking, their psyche, their body into their own, non-soul-oriented attitudes – what "arises" is attained through the soulful humane, not through "engagement of women": only for the sake of love, by the influence of soul-conscious (cultural-altruistic-creative) men (Matthew 20:22) the sense-consciousness of the world will be changed.


The woman is not comprehensible by herself, not beautiful by herself, she needs the cultural male spirit that first puts beauty into Her as the meaning of the Divine Birth of her personality. Therefore the birth through God by the Holy Spirit is the greatest miracle there is – how else could men attain to a culture of peace? For 'whatever a man is, he already got his name beforehand (the archetype of his soul); it was recognised that he will only be a human being and he cannot dispute with spiritual femininity, which is more powerful than he' (Ecclesiastes 6,10).

6. Brother Klaus (Niklaus of Flüe) as patron saint of intercultural synthesis

The victory of light over darkness is the great cosmic occurrence of 'Consecration Night'. This victory takes place at every »winter solstice«. It is revealed in the decision of cultural men to build with their own hands, in the face of 'the devil's admiral', the sanctuary of the Great Goddess and give healing through synthesis where others are destroying planet earth with pleasure resorts. Psychoneurosis is an affliction of the soul, which has not found its meaning; but when men feel rightly moved, inflamed by women's spiritual grace, 'the representation of the divine, of order, of the source' to bring the power of their religious atmosphere and the word of their soul into the dialogue circle – in this culture, mankind will heal; 'Niklaus von der Flüe be the patron saint of this soul therapy' (C.G. Jung). The crucial question for every woman is: "Are you oriented to the holy spirit of the Cultural Creatives, or not?" 'Only when I know that the Creative Spirit is the essence of my life I do not shift my interest to futilities and to things that are not of decisive importance' (C.G. Jung). When women learn to understand and feel that they are already in this life connected to the soulful-divine, their desires and attitudes change. Above all, men should then investigate, or rather focus their attention on whether they really have to do with synthesis in psychoanalysis, or whether 'brotherhood' is merely an accumulation of individuals, a juxtaposition of nationalists. Does not the great art in life consist in keeping the innocence of a child in one's heart?

New mythology instead of 'verspottet, gegeißelt and killed Lord'
The Holy Qur'an teaches, "Christ Himself is not crucified and does not die, but I receive him with Me in heaven because I love him." Now, when Christians celebrate that Jesus has 'died and rose again', it is "because God brings together through Jesus and with him, even those who have fallen asleep" (1 Thessalonians 4,14) – so it is the Bodhisattvas [I Ching: the wind] who belong 'to the good men' (Sura 24:26), who initiate peace talks in the sanctuary of the Great Goddess. When 'the command goes forth, the archangel calls, the trumpet of God sounds' (1 Thessalonians 4,16), then the Cultural Creatives, those 'good men' who come down in glory with pentecostal thunder, will give to the earth the promised 'rainbow of peace', whereby 'the Lord', as the women, comes down from heaven, establishing a New World. "In danger and highest need, spirituality brings death" – it needs a different type of man than women currently prefer through divorce. It is of the dialogical countenance of the healing spirit of men, that the dreamy feminine heart of the worship of saints finds from the dark to daylight action in Planetary Consciousness.

7. Transference and counter-transference 

Altered seeds – poisoned bread they give today  In the taking cycle of the Kali-age, not only men dominate over women; femininity shows itself emancipated: earth inhibits water, water extinguishes fire; in desire the virgin melts, self-determined realisation cuts wood; moreover, egocentric pesticides in the male consciousness have an inhibiting influence on the spiritual orientation of the feminine, the receptive (Proverbs 4:17): communication, mental fitness, creative and fruitful activities are prevented; women begin to live isolated, separate with unhappy charm, mostly unaware of their expression, they try (unheard by everyone) to accuse through sickness – humanity's healthy nature, which lives in collectivity, i.e. in all creatures, begins to degenerate. »Pentecostal spirit heals His hearts« by transmission, in that men know how to avoid "pit mishaps" and preach against "chemical waste", healing of the earth takes place. The narcissistic man (enenosam spumam: poison of the seed) seduces the woman with face-to-face compliments: eros builds his bond, with prospects of "a common future"; unenlightened compassion without 'love for the Lord' – 'not diminishing neurosis and not dissolving psychotic anxiety' (Alfred Adler and Roberto Assagioli) – makes use of empathy to move women from their strength of soul into neurosis. Wenn es in der Lehre heißt: „Der Mensch lebt nicht vom Brot allein, sondern vom Wort, was aus dem Munde Gottes kommt“, so ist es eigentlich recht sonderbar, dass Mütter ihre Töchter auffordern etwas zu essen, wovon sie nicht wissen, ob es wirklich der nachhaltigen Gesundheit von Leib und Seele nützt.

The Cultural Creatives first develop the quality of love {Agape, Shunya – emptiness: the non-existence of an independent self}. What conveys to women in the first place is insight into the nature of such 'good men' (Sure 24:26) is the healer's 'selfless soul-heartedness' in the community. The female heart, kindled by the 'holiness law' (Leviticus 19:17), unfolds into wisdom. In the awakened loving sense (analytically: transference love) the heart and soul of every human being – regardless of origin, country, language or religion – becomes clear. "The aim is, to manifest the basic innate spirit of clear light, the most subtle level of consciousness, and to dwell within that level of spirit without falling back to the grosser levels. This purified state is not only of a spiritual nature – it also includes a body, but a body shaped by the subtle wind that is the support of the mind of clear light." (XIV. Dalai Lama). Here that heavenly the relationship of man and woman is revealed, of which God speaks: "I will make him a helpmeet like his counterpart, a succour that corresponds to him."

8. Learning wisdom

A humanity at war calls for a new intercourse between the sexes. For this we must leave behind ordinary thinking by making our own souls see »with the light that sees«, this light not only reveals: it is creative! Wisdom (Wisdom 7:25-27) is learned in the mercy of our souls – neither religious precepts and doctrines, philosophical know-how, ceremonies nor spiritual oneness, a study of mystical chants or allegiances to institutions of spiritual gurus or grey eminences can give us the life that is »the Planetary Consciousness in Humanity«. 'If one wants to escape the delusions of habit, education and mental deceptions to which one has fallen prey through habit, the foundations of perception, imagination, love, will and logical conceptualisation have to be attacked' (Vilayat Khan, Stufen einer Meditation, Weilheim, 1962).

By Compassion of illuminated Souls through Women The Future Generations Come
Stufenweg der Frau und Archetyp  Eine Frau lehrt in jungen Jahren in mitfühlender Nächstenliebe 'Seines Erbarmens ihres Geliebten Herrn' in 'Entschlafung Mariens' die Befreiung von Leid als Grüne Tara {Maria aus Magd'Allah} bis sie 'zur Verherrlichung Seines Namens' in der Großstadt ihren Platz findet als Schwarze Madonna {die Große Göttin: Maria von Betanien} von der sie, ab ihrer Lebensmitte, zum Zustand 'Martha' {Göttliche Mutter, Herrin des Himmels: Magna Mater des ganzen Landes} emporschwebt, und ihr die Annäherung zu den 'Geboten der Herrin' gelingt: „Gebiete über deinen Mann mit der Weisheit, die deiner Stellung angemessen ist, und beaufsichtige die anderen um Fehler zu vermeiden, doch habe Vertrauen in sie.“ (I GING 19). Sodann bringt Pfingstgeist der Kulturkreativen jene Frauen, die die Welt überwunden haben und innerlich schon mit dem Leben fertig sind, in die Lage, noch einmal ins Diesseits hereinzukommen – jetzt der ganzen Menschheit sich anzunähern. Dergestalt sind die Weisen Frauen in ihrer Absicht zu lehren unerschöpflich und im Ertragen und Schützen der Menschheit ohne Grenzen.


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