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I. Of the Inner Images

II. Of the masters’ understanding


I. Imagination of Mankind – Of the Images of the Heart

Blinded by Iblis (Sura 15:33) – since the union of God and Master reveals the Word, defining the being of the men – one wants to forget that attaining the fulfillment between Venus and genius (Richard Wagner, Tannhäuser’s singing; Ovid, Metamorphoses: Ceres is worth my chant) brings about those processes which in a cultural way organize the creation of "humanity". For nothing is in the planetary spirit that has not previously been in the senses of the Great Mother, and nothing is in Her language that has not previously been in the consciousness of the genius.

When galaxies are so closely together in the cosmos, they tear the stars away from each other, due to their own gravitational forces. This is how it also happens on earth. Without cultural-awakened spirit, people rotate like a dynamo, heating up the clouds of matter surrounding them, similar to 'black holes', into which the matter is reaching; if now two family systems "collide", it causes a reciprocal effect between the mothers and the children (who are dwelling as stars in their spheres). Yet the same gravitational forces, however, bring about that from isolated galaxies one single and universal galaxy is emerging.

The Faith is a trabant of the Great Femininity; its cultural power lies in the subconscious, the emotion of the most heavenly longing. When the will of the 'father-realisation' is shining, the sweet moonlight encourages that mother-mighty unconsciousness, in which our languor in dealing with compassion has been learned. His soul’s moon-mirror is to the Genius Musici; listening to »the word« of the universe he awakens into that guiding image which appears in the 'decay of religion'; the fire of creative spirit brings forth a »New Earth« rising like a sun; from heart and feelings, the crown of thorns of the Sisyphus tree (Holy Qur'an, Sura 53:16-17) the power of the sun is shining; from the solar wind, the 'wisdom whispered by God' (Bonaventura), the moon and stars are gleaming (Daniel 3:51-90).

Ill woods do not die alone, but in dying are killing their devastators (Viktor Schauberger)
It's time for women to talk inwardly with their pious mothers and spiritual fathers and to detach themselves from what they do not want to bear any more. If women become retrogressively 'catholic', their salvation-bringers will be acting as high priests, erasing the spiritual »woman« personality. Women noticing that in the forest of material existence they are being deceived by so-called 'representatives of Christ', try 'God-conscious awakening by means of the initiation path'. But without awakened soul in sincere worship of religious ideals, in whose attunement {état d'ame} conscious, subconscious, unconscious desires can be transfigured in the light of the superconscious, they fall victim to the rites of 'Hanuman’s monkeys', those gods who are interested in self-satisfaction with women [like with the mystical egocentrics, 'common soul-living as men and women' is not the priority here: one strives for one’s own gleam of success, femininity becomes the prey of one's own desire]. Women cannot simply grasp their eternal existence – that which with divine power changes men into 'soul-filled consolers'. The attunement must be heightened by dharma-charity. But even this cannot be grasped by cold blood, but only by the animus, the »Beloved Lord«.

According to the development of his ego, a man’s opinion is solidifying. However, women’s faith changes with each step of their spiritual evolution: their attainment to teach is according to their spiritual development. She says "Without holiness, I dare not touch the sacred, lest you should be carried off, burnt like hay by the divine fire and melted like wax" (Theognostos). But only difficulty can women be brought to the holy soul and to the transformation into the power of their spiritual language and men can hardly bear the touch of the Eternal. (according to Aurobindo, Savitri I.1)

The devil's grandmother's revenge and the birth-hour of Sufism  Increasing disaster in the world is essentially related to the fact that mothers teach creative individualism-eros, far away from Buddha-anti-consumption-spirituality. But at the latest with the birth of the grandchildren, the daughters’ notion is dawning that they are in far greater misery than their parents are aware of .... when they see the grandmother speaking to the grandson: "Everyone prays to the princess as goddess, and I, the foremost mother of nature, the initiator of the elements, the eternal sustainer of the whole universe, I am to be profaned in earthly ignobleness? O petit-fils, my great Amor, bestow vengeance on your grandmother! Let this girl burn in the hottest impulse to the vilest man, one whose honour and property and also health are cursed by his own fate, and standing so low, that throughout the earth he finds no equal in misery." (Apuleius, Metamorphoses)

'Unfulfilled basic needs activate the ascent to higher realization' (Abraham Maslow / Luke 1:35; Sura 24:33; Luke 16:22a) – then a soul recognizes: "What a tremendous deception! Lord, my God, I would like to forget mine, looking only at where I may serve you." (Saint Teresa of Ávila). Pious women, in the weakness of their souls, use to adapt themselves to the ego of their husbands; this can lead to a breakdown in the depth of their inner being and cause serious illness. Surely, there will always be women who choose men in accordance with the croak of the voice; others prefer the smell of a profitable chauvinistic ego mind; more highly evolved women follow the taste of the divine essence; women, evolved to perfection, feel the holy spirit with the sense of their touch.

If the being 'woman' is not founded on 'the Lord' {Dormition of Mary}, mental poisons {greed, hate, blindness, envy, pride} will cause strife, illness, death, war: one takes 'the non-eternal, the impure and the evil' for the pure, the good and for the soul (Yoga Sutras 2.5). Kundalini {the femina serpentina} then works like the furies’ poison of the snake: 'penetrated deep into the intestines, flowing all through Her, She [Kali] is deplorably aroused by powerful spell, unhappily thrilled by powerful magic, then She raves through the vastness of the city, without stop, in madness' (Virgil, Aeneis 7).

But woe, when Holy Order, blessed richly, heaven’s daughter, equals has she free and light and glad connected, city buildings hath erected, whene'er in brooks a-flaming doth free itself, the glowing ore! blind-raging with the crash of thunder, it springs from out the bursted house, and as from jaws of hell asunder doth spew its molten ruin out; there can no structure yet be standing, when peoples do themselves set free, there can no common welfare be. (Schiller, Song of the Bell), {Isaiah 5:20}

Where altruistic spirituality reigns in men, illuminated by the power of women’s spiritual intelligence, there the female spirit becomes directable without reluctance, so that One wisdom without resistance determines the practical conduct. Both together, wisdom and Universal Spirit, enable the New Ethics to adapt in sancta discretio to the conditions. As a gift of their mind the creative spirit of the Cultural Creatives casts light into the wounded depths of the Female Godhead Herself, so that the dark shadows give way and the power of authenticity sheds light into the purified consciences.

If men are lacking the Holy Spirit, the female personality, like an exploding petrol station, bursts into a huge ball of fire. With the South Pole also the North Pole is melting, the electromagnetic waves take damage and the water masses are flooding everything.

On the urgency of analytical dialogue 
Expelling the dominating emotions in women with 'Beelzebub and his Angels' (Matthew 25:41) {the son has not left the divine to his sister, everything becomes prey to the flames: Notre-Dame is on fire!} will bring war to the cities. In order not only to take advantage of men as spiritual, mental or physical masters, but to find them as healing friends – that is what that illumination is for, transfiguring all the alienated, imprinted feelings in the female body-heart-soul-organism, leaving only beauty behind. Spending soul-time for women must be worth more than acquiring business locations for them. But the female ego wants to see the man in his glamorous role as a personality in the world, involved in the machinery of the state, respectively that he as Adam may obey Eve.

II. The master-reason and the mistresses

In Esters power the world riots in arms  'The queen is never again to come before the king’s eyes; the king is to lend the rank of queen to younger one who has more dignity than she' (Ester 1:19). "I stumbled when I saw." (Shakespeare, King Lear) 'and the snake stealthily ate the immortality herb from the well’s edge' (Gilgamesh XI).

Adam’s fall  "You old woman, matron, what are you still doing here: you have given birth." (Rilke, Alkestis); 'Hey, hey, hey, that the old woman go away from him!' (Rusálka, Dvorák); "Cursed is the ground for your sake" (Genesis 3:17; 2:20). People’s lack of spiritual discipline made the uncreative hoof-bearing 'devil' out of the spirit of the world {winged bull} as the bearer of wisdom [Mephistophiles (me: not; photos: light; philos: lover; mephītis: stinking; tophel: liar) means: 'liar, the non-lover of the Divine Feminine Light']. The body of the radiant chimera (Sphinx) was made into a stinking goat; 'here the lungs are gasping and there the smell is dulling' (Herder), and her scorpion-thorn woke up. Men’s maxim in dialogue is: one has to avoid that a man will be recognized as that what he is. 'Never allow the devil to be recognized by your performance. Act as the nice boy from next door. Completely harmless. Play the inconspicuous. You know, the fool, the unsecure.' (The Devil’s Advocate, Hackford).

As the sun on the moon, so the Divine Feminine shines a light on the soul-spherical mirror of the masculine Cultural Creative Spirit. And as much femininity beholds of Him, so much she makes the surroundings shining. Like the horns of a cow, the spiritual crown (Keter) is the sucking organ to the women for insight from the Universe for the Universe. Through the crown chakra the light of intelligence extends its influences into the psyche. Figuratively speaking, it acts as a gardener (jardinière) in the fostering of a wisdomful order. Without their spiritual crown, women are completely clouded by world consciousness.

Tavistock-working conference - Dialectics of the Truth  'A disputatious truth, capable of awakening and disturbing that which slumbers in our depths, indeed capable of brightening our darkness: a truth that lives and is ready to venture out among the living – does not long retain its sublime simplicity. Its inner vitality will burst the simple, and what only yesterday appeared as a smooth, self-contained ball, today proves to be a tangle of problems and contradictions leading to the abyss. The hidden side of truth is the emergence of its inner contradictions – this great fundamental mystery we call »dialogue«.' (Gershom Scholem, Judaica 5)

What a woman has received continues to have an effect  The shadow (C. G. Jung) in the feminine contains all the negative and frightening things that are imprinted on the unconscious of the senses and the subconscious mind. The first contact burns more of an imprint into the female than all the astrological birth influences altogether! And if a woman were entirely her soul, she will prove unfortunate if a man’s soul disappointment clings to her. Where failures have folded together the hearts of generations (Exodus 34:7), group analysis is inevitable: the Divine Mother gives 'some the apostleship, others she sets up as prophets, shepherds and teachers' (Ephesians 4:11-16).

Gilgamesh of today no longer builds cities, he builds hotels – all over the world. Always on the move, always on the road, he wants to create something very special, to give a timeless message: to win people over! Being soul is a fear for him, it’s like dying. He is the superhuman, that god who drives the collective male narcissism into the unmeasured with national vanity in egoic presence. In doing so, he profoundly does not notice at all that he always pays for his wealth with a lack in the world: the lack of love, the lack of friendship, the lack of health. The divine feminine is purest chaos for him, it disturbs his daily routine, his weekend planning. He has no friends, not really. For he is self-sufficient. Marriage is on his conditions. "This is the way I am," he speaks, "my religion allows me no other choice."


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essence  Alpha et Omega

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Symphony Universel: sacred-music-festival
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A. Book of Chants
Situation: Anamnesis und anā-lysis
C. I. Of the Inner Images
II. Of the masters’ Rationality
D. Dieu sensible au Cœur
Vulnerability of the Heart and Spiritual Resilience
Die Antwort des Universums: 'Gottes Wundertaten'
Appell an die Frauen
Global Warning
   Zerstörung von Religion, Bildung und Kultur
J. Religionskriege
Christentum und Ethics conference
Wissen und Vision
I. Der schöpferische Ausdruck von Liebe
II. Das Geheiligte, die Verehrung der Weiblichen Seite Gottes
III. Die Heilkraft der Liebe
IV. Bedeutung der menschlichen Beziehung
V. Der Heilige Gral
VI. Der heilige Kontakt
Kulturelles Herz und Unbefleckte Empfängnis
Beziehungs-Situation auf Planet Erde
Über heilende Hormone und vergiftende Stoffe
Integral Ethics Unity in Multiplicity
R. Women-Universel-Global-Ethics
S. Healing – Awakening of Womanity
T. Interreligious Sciences of Sacred Art-Therapy
U. Ethics Conference on Dialogue
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