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R.  Women-Universel-Global-Ethics

As the sun vivifies all things with its warmth, so the Great Mother heals and vivifies all things 'in her grace' (Qur'an, Sura 24:32). This female power has an influence on our relations, on the construction and reconstruction of knowledge: 'She is the heavenly life-space shining beyond darkness like the light of the sun: whoever knows Him escapes the realm of death (Shvetashvatara Upanishad III.8). It is the Great Mother who gives the rule to the commonwealth through the genius; and it is this knowledge that the evil defeats, "The great dragon, the old serpent, which is called the devil, Satan, and which seduces the whole world" (Revelation 12:9; Mozart 'The Magic Flute', 1st act) – which encourages men, like the noble knights, to "seek the Holy Grail". How the Great Mother in Her essence, no one will fathom, neither angels nor human beings. But She can be recognised by contemplating her qualities. Where enlightened souls call together for dialogue, and sovereigns, 'Deliver up the crown' (Henry V, II.4), give questions and answers with a Marian conscience: that is where healing happens. The cultural-creative training circle in dialogue can bring peace to humanity.

Depth Analytical Soul Dialogue – Beyond a Logic of Sexus and Economic Miracle
There is an increasing urge in women: to keep out everything that contradicts their own way of feeling and thinking! while international businessmen cultivate the slogan among themselves that dialogue belongs to the opinion bubble of a poet or a small group of psychotic women. "Real men don't have time for that!". When women shine a light on the intimate aspect of their lives: what comes in – what goes out, accounting for the fact that they act righteously 'of love', fathers of mankind can establish their 'peace institute' »School of Learning«, realising: "this dialogue serves all humankind!"

Dialogue and dominion  At the moment when women's creative imagination anticipates the beloved archetype of 'The Cultural Creatives' (Shechinah), the light of the healing souls is kindled to the women and the perceptible values of the cultural-creative spirit are being transformed into the correlation of a New Organism as 'Planetary Consciousness'. If it coincides in dialogue that the 'Great Goddess' (Al Lat) will be versed in the wisdom of the 'Great Mother' (Al Uzza) at the same time, then the dominion is hers. However, if this is not the case, then the dominion is due to the Great Mother. If there is no one like her, then the dominion belongs to all those women (Manat), who, versed in divine wisdom, are completely devoid of discursive thinking. In no case, however, is the dominion in dialogue due to a spiritual man who is not also acquainted with the wisdom of the Great Mother. The genius is more dignified than a purely spiritual thinker, for ethics is based on inspirations received by the Great Mother.

When healing creative spirit arises from 'the Father and the Son', cultural-creative intelligence is personified as healing planetary power. According to Suhrawardi, every intelligence works progressively through hypostasis to create an intelligence that is hierarchically inferior to it (Hikmat al-Ishraq). The promise of Gabriel is fulfilled: the Divine Mother obtains her Son with the help of the Holy Spirit. Thus the spiritual intelligence of women brings forth the cultural-creative masculine spirit. According to Old Scripture: 'When the divine lights of women become sevenfold' (Samuel 2:5), then women are clothed in a garment of power and reverence, and the souls of men join in cultural-creative service – Sabbath: the ascending Christ is 'bread' and spiritual will is 'the table' – a threefold hierarchy formed of the hypostases of the intelligence, each of which generates a new hypostasis, the souls of men, and beyond that a celestial orb, the Feminine Organism in Planetary Consciousness. 'Fire from water, water from wind, and Wind from the Holy Spirit, Spirit of the Living God' (Sefer Jezira § 11): »Christ«, the intellectus agens of spiritual women, that is the healing female archangel of humanity.

Ineffabilis Deus  The inexpressible God of women is: She, whom they together recognised as the highest; and She, who with the representation of her Christ creates the holy temple and She who brings about the strongest sense of community, namely: God is love.

Once certain men got into the habit of a certain opinion in their behaviour with women, they do not like to admit that they were wrong. Why should they? as long as women – who at a mature age do realise that they have been mistaken about men – refuse to make this known in dialogue. Such obstinacy is a great obstacle to the dialogue, because it makes it impossible to overcome fundamentalist convictions and other kinds of traditional "piety" to be questioned and modified. When we realise that certain ideas of relationship are harmful, and yet we continue to hold on to them because "parents and grandparents and their ancestors" had these ideas, we wipe our counter-arguments aside with the remark that something is so and so and because everyone has always believed it. If we want to make progress now, we have to make an effort to avoid such intentions in the dialogue. Women who are taken in by their own ideas are difficult to change. Also the psyche of so-called "religious" women is very different from that of earlier times; it requires a very delicate handling. Often you find women who may take great initiative in the cause of 'women-global-ethics' and show more enthusiasm than is necessary; but if you point out the faults of such women, they will only contradict you. Easily the ability to become a self-martyr can grow in them. Even angels will accept psychic corrections in the spirit of pursuit, even making it their convinced work to fight against every kind of spiritual guidance: every desire, every attempt of psychological healing to correct them will make their resistance even stronger.

Three worlds  α) Women who are accustomed to follow but do not like to give guidance (spiritual open-mindedness with spiritual rigidity of behaviour): they fear impoverishment if they speak up in church and family. β) Women who are used to rule, but do not like to be completely absorbed in the realm of the soul (mental open-mindedness with spiritual rigidity of behaviour): such women fear that being completely soulful they would offer too little resistance, so that men could seduce the peoples even more unrestrainedly with unlimited capitalism. γ) Cultural patronage must foster these trainings: so that in the dialogue men lead women to their vocation by the power of the Creative Spirit, while women in sacred spirituality show men the path to humane culture in world politics.

Dialogue or What lies between God's silence and the abyss  A soulless system [upscale star hotellery and genocide (Russian war of aggression with Iranian drones, Sunni fighters, China's concentration camps)] that obeys that self-affirming, unenlightened feminism that wants to dominate the whole earth with its actionism. Meanwhile, the poles are melting and businessmen are on the highway to relationship hell "with their foot on the accelerator" (UN Secretary-General António Guterres, Cop27), to travelling and to the new secretary. Women would be ashamed of the noblest deeds of men, if only they knew that their comfort and desire were behind 'building luxury resorts and waging war'. – Without Buddha's practice, no peace!

'Well-being can only grow in the community and never apart from it; one can only live collectively, speak collectively and love collectively' (Mahabharata, Udyoga Parva 39). 'But to consolidate the small, the great must first be consolidated; then, to put the great in order, the small must first be in order' (Spring and Autumn of Lü Buwei). The coarse protestant male intellect, moving towards repentance, and the subtle femininity capable of spiritual psychoanalysis both must co-operate together. The enlightened female compassion, however, cannot come to the aid of the coarse male thinking, if we ignore the former altogether. What we must pay attention to are the spiritual and ethical foundations for the psychoanalytic dialogue conducted by women.

Confession of a musician  As an organist, my experience since my earliest youth was that women mechanically recited the 'Hail Mary' when praying the rosary, and at high mass the men's 'Our Father' – which also includes an invocation to the Great Mother – sounded like 'booming brass or noisy kettledrum' (Corinthians 13:1). If women were on the other hand, with conviction, genuine faith and devotion (to Christ, Mrs. Hulda and Eástre), everything they say in dialogue would have an effect; this effect would perform miracles. Therefore, the first thing to do is to persevere in spiritual paths – through meditation, through concentration, through prayer, through study, through all that women do – to eradicate the false self-consciousness as far as possible, so that the reality of 'Dharma-giving in the house-church' can manifest, that charity which is always buried under the wrong self-determination of the woman. The spiritual consciousness of women is like a spring that gushes from rugged stone (Exodus 17:6), water which, once motivation has gained spiritual power and strength, breaks through the rock of self-determined action and becomes a river of healing through 'tavistock-working-conferences'. It is similar with 'god-sparks from Elysium' (Beethoven's 9th Symphony): through concentration [blackening: heartfelt veneration of Notre-Dame], then whitening [meditation: 'Not the Goddess but God'] soul nobility manifests and where this daughter of Elysium, men's 'female side of God', has mercy, She washes away all the will-o'-the-wisps of 'erring faith'. Männer haben diese, ihnen scheinbar angeborene Tendenz, geistige Anstrengungen im Gemeinwesen zu vermeiden. Ihre Methode dabei ist, dass sie alles tun, was sie nur können, um ihre Aufgaben anderen zu übertragen. In dieser, doch so hoch geschätzten Kunst, schwächen sie sich, das vollkommene Gleichgewicht zwischen der Vergeistigung der Materie und der Materialisierung des Geistes durch das seelenvoll liebende Göttlich-Weibliche geht verloren: Frauen verlieren ihre Fähigkeiten, heilenden Geist der Welt zu materialisieren. Dass Frauen dem Bösen widersagen, widerstandsfähig und intelligent Planetarisches Bewusstsein ausstrahlen, dazu müssen ihre Männer sich fähig machen, es mit dem Teufel aufzunehmen, sich eben daran gewöhnend, diese Anstrengungen zu machen! Heutzutage kann man die für einen angenehmen Dinge ohne jede Anstrengung erreichen, aber mit welchem Ergebnis – eine kriegerische Fremdgeh-Kultur reproduziert sich so durch "ihre Werte und ihre Erziehung" immer aufs Neue. Äußerlich werden Männer erfüllt sein, innerlich aber finden Frauen, außer Eigensinn in sich, nichts als Leere. Es sind die geistigen Anstrengungen im Dialog, mit denen Männer die Kultur Europas aufrichten müssen und Frauen lebendig erhalten.

Sie schnallen mich auf Feuerräder und tauchen mich in ihre siedendheißen Tränen
Zwischen Mühlsteinen bin ich geboren; Feuerräder meine Wahl. – Du weinst Tränen um mich, Harlekin [Höllenkönig]. Wohl weiß ich's Am Rande des Abgrunds. – Das Tor stand offen, ich wählte es nicht, /ging hinaus - Sie werden mich zermalmen – warum? (84-06-26).

Wegesgefährten  Ich tauche in die Nebel des Gelben Lichts. Heute, am Tag meiner Reise. Taue und Nässe begleiten mich (wie Taumel drängend); sie ziehen zum Tone hin in die Ferne.

Let us imagine the Holy Spirit as a composer, then women are the music he composed as an expression of his glorification. And instead of a poor experience that love makes one so blind that one secretly rejoices in injustice, women would have the experience that 'God looks through their eyes and builds a New World in Christ'. Religions as well as World-Ethos cannot prefabricate concrete solutions in matters of love they are not even allowed to do so, because in doing so they inadmissibly relieve the individual of his responsibility towards Planet Earth. While concrete solutions are to be provided by the enlightened souls, one will always have to be prepared for the fact that 'unspiritual religious women' and 'unreligious spiritual men' will come to different conclusions. Because mothers judge their concrete emotional relationship to the Beloved Lord differently, while fathers assert their will to "God, the One" with nuclear war, a Cultural Peace Institute under the guidance of the Holy Spirit is inevitable.

Healing of the World  The Wise Women enter into the creative unity of woman and man through the study of the female nature and the four soul types of men, bringing the individuation of Christ into being, by sacrificing their own personalities. Humane life, the New Life of the relationship between women and men, begins for women in the distinction between 'God as Dharma-giving charity' and 'God as spiritual insight'. If women do not distinguish between the two, and thus disregarding the complementary aspect, the influence of men's soulful spirit on the humanistic personality of women, they will miss happiness in life. Men who then say: "There is no harm done to human beings inflicted in the womb; I will not look at 'women's guilt', but will continue to do the big business with women," they become depressed over time. However, those who feel the triple suffering of womanhood, as well as the harm felt, that has been reactively inflicted on men by women, but forgive women their guilt as those have forgiven the guilt of men, these men are the ones who lead International Peace Conferences and will succeed because they have fulfilled the feminine "I am, who I will be" as a lover of 'face to face' (Numbers 12:8).

The Head of Medusa  The fullness of women's lives in our time requires more than just 'body, heart and soul'; it requires the divine spirit, an independent and superior complex, which obviously has the sole capacity to bring into living all those soul's potentialities of visions, revelations and inspirations of the masculine, that simply pious women's selves cannot manifest. But as in men lives that eros which strives for blind, unlimited taking – the greatest achievers are usually fulfilled by a striving for the superhuman – so there is in women a passion for that negative aspect of 'Medusa-femininity', in which femininity, for the sake of its creative superiority, wishes to sacrifice all life; 'in this passion feminine spirituality becomes a malignant tumour' (cf. C. G. Jung, Soul and Earth), which uselessly destroys the essence of 'brotherhood'.

Of the soulless development of the sexes and the devastating consequences
The danger caused by the soullessness of the sexes is greater than one might have imagined! When the age comes when spiritual love should command the woman, there are immense difficulties in marriage. The "catholic" woman and the "spiritual" man are perceived as fighting positions, where it is a matter of trying again and again to prove her or his superiority. In this way, the psychotic perspectives of the woman and 'paternalism, protestantism and marriage of pleasure', the guiding ideals of male protest, are destroying again and again the unbiased and fraternal nature of both, enforcing a lasting discontent of the sexes, thus the war of the nations! Healing can only be expected from a dialogue that does not just talk to God, but understands Her.

New mythology or With dialogue and the birth of the sacred to peace
The angel said: 'The Holy Spirit will come upon you, and the power of the Most High will overshadow you; therefore the child to be born will be called holy, the Son of God' (Luke 1:35) – Basically, people are no evil-doers, they just do not use their soul potential. But soul potential does not come from ritualised praying, mystical meditating, walking or travelling, being creative at work or 'eating and drinking and marrying' (Matthew 24:38). When men repent in psyche-analytical dialogue and conscientiously do penance in the sanctuary of the Great Goddess, from the ineffable God 'Great Mother', learning wisdom about immaculate procreation, women can rediscover their soul motivation. And although at present there are few 'angels and saints' whose destiny is to give birth to 'the coming God' in this way, ultimately a whole peace army will feel totally encouraged and supported in this art of serving God and humanity. In reflection of their own Holy Spirit, women then become: redeemers.

When conditioned love life of women comes to an end, they are so moved, so despondent, like a bird whose wings have been cut off. They first notice it alone for themselves: 'that their physical strength is no longer sufficient and it is no longer possible, and that the erotic demands she makes on herself to attract the man no longer function...' Some woman thinks to herself, "I'd rather stop than have people say, »God! she's living in lust!« The anger of the 'Queen of the Night' is thus, in meditative modesty, ritualised into the 'Dance around the Golden Calf'. She feels her stupidity in having loved too much, her precious potential that she might happily love, in vanity and recognition-addiction, squandered simply in the world, following the influence to the 'commercialization of women' {Letter to the Galatians 4:17}; a consequence, that neither discernment nor universal will had been spiritually developed. Right here is the opportunity for change, that the wise women now reveal to the young women 'how they could be if they would be how they are able to be'. People will not understand religion until they have not understood themselves. As man glorifies God, so God glorifies Him, that the work glorifies the artists, and angels praise: 'God glorifies Himself for ever and ever'. In terms of the sexes this means: As the woman glorifies 'the Holy Virgin', so 'the Cosmic Mother' glorifies her. The Son in the Father, the Father in the Son' is the path of men: 'Father, I glorified you on earth, now glorify me' (John 17:4-5); 'My Son you are, today I have begotten you!' (Psalm 2:7). Virgin born as the 'pure Son of God' means the direct creativity of the universe, the miraculous conception of intuitive revelation. This omega of the masculine is prophesied by the 'messengers' as the alpha of the feminine; which does not mean the sacred act of procreation, in which God takes the place of a man, but that creative new beginning in which the 'Messiah hope' is fulfilled in such a way that righteous, saintly, salutary women realise 'God's reign', which at the same time fulfils the expectations of all peoples. They are those women in whose midst a 'young woman' is no longer called "enemy", but is called 'God with us', because she has given birth to the Holy Ideal, 'blessed by God and conceived without any indwelling', has given birth as her soul. A greater honour to the woman, thus becoming temple (Luke 17:21) is inconceivable. Male spirituality, the personality-centred egoistic life, without its alpha, the moral community that protects the feminine, ends in spiritual death: 'One separates oneself, isolates oneself, distances oneself from the others, and that is death' (Aïvanhov) from which no cultural life blossoms. The apparent death of the body is the real birth of the soul; in this, the inner death [the dissolution of the earth into water] into the centre of its being – 'Devotion to the Lord': 'Taken up to Heaven', towards an angelicisation of the heart – must follow the outer death, the fire-birth of the soul into the emptiness, that abstract mind of charity that opens the door to our concretised spiritual nature to the 'joy of the Beautiful Spark of the Gods', the pure spirit of planetary consciousness.

The cultural genius  'I am the way and the goal, Lord and witness, house and land, the refuge and the friend' (Bhagavad-gita IX.17). Imitation is an inclination that seems to be innate in men; yet most of them seem to be unaware of how important the question of a role model is for their soul life. For in it, who do men want to imitate? – those, who have achieved spiritual fame, mental success or material fortune? Such imitation will not be without consequences for the spouse. Denn bei aller Selbstständigkeit: the spouse adopts the shadow of their husband's persona. 'Zu kämpfen ist daher euch Frauen vorgeschrieben, auch wenn es euch widerwärtig ist; denn es mag sein, dass euch etwas widerwärtig ist, was gut für euch ist. Und weil es doch so ist, dass euch etwas lieb ist, was übel für euch ist.' al-Baqarah 2:216. Es gibt einen Schatz, den man nie greifen kann, den Jedermann sucht, jagt, bejagt, verspottet, foltert und bekriegt, der aber die ganze Menschheit mehr und mehr zum Vorzüglichen zieht. Dieser aber muss geheim sein und Er ist geheim, weil Er der Gral ist und deshalb geschützt werden muss.


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