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U.  New Mythology – the Religion after the religions

Love needs foundations: otherwise there is a danger of increasing neurotic and psychotic patterns. neurotic and psychotic patterns. Men who are primarily concerned about their personality and their wellbeing in this world will not benefit from religious teachings on 'The Beloved Lord' before they have not made a specific pledge to protect the feminine as well as the welfare of their own souls. Similarly, women with psychotic feelings of guilt, teachings about 'The Great Mother' and 'The Great Goddess' fall on unhealthy ground: this is where the foundations lie in retreats for strengthening the spiritual personality before 'Mrs. Holles Bed' can even be made. If it is true that the causing of women's psychosomatic illnesses is found in the intimacies of psychosexual lives of neurotic men, and chaos, disease, wars and epidemics are reactions to this expression of irreligious desire, dialogue cannot but betray the secret of soulless interreligiosity.

Dass Frauen »Planetarisches Bewusstsein« leben können, dazu müssen ihre Ehemänner über die physischen und materiellen Bedingungen „von Gott zur Seele“ (s. Psalm 16:7-11) zur selbstlosen Tätigkeit im Gemeinwesen herabkommen: unabhängig von Sehen und Berühren sowie frei von 'Hören auf Einflüsse der Hexen'. Je müder und erschöpfter das Gemüt des Mannes ist, desto mehr Kontemplation auf 'Unbefleckte Empfängnis' ist nötig. Dann wird »Planetarisches Bewusstsein« wirklich begriffen, und wo immer wir unseren Blick richten, werden wir noch klarer sehen: jeder Mann, jede Frau wird für uns zu einem Buch der Offenbarung. Und wir lesen die ganze Natur 'global ethics' wie in einem Buch.

Foundations for New Patronage  The need of men to improve themselves, must be related to the illumining of their cultural conscience, with the possibility of comparing the warring lifestyle of the elite {pleasure marriages, Russian Church, Sharia, concubinage} with the 'dialogical symposium' – »the banquet in the Noorunnisa garden« –, that a peace conference of the earth can result from it. It is the same with the young women mystics of our time; however, they share their ideas only with the like-minded. In different ages, 'vestal virgins' have emerged and founded psychoanalytical schools of thought and wisdom; the understanding of life is one and the same: women who evolve under different atmospheric conditions vary in 'creative personality', the art of planetary action, according to the archetypes {Rama Krishna or Shiva} with whom they are united – but they retain 'the soul quality of Bodhisattva' (Matthew 22:37) in all situations.

One recognises the archetype only through an exemplar (Ibn Arabi)  Like the Cultural-Creative's work reveals 'Buddha as the Beloved Lord', giving healing from 'psychotic plagues', so worship of the 'Immaculate Conception', which is the neurotic's path of learning to end the world war, can mature in the presence of the Divine Mother {Manat, Black Madonna and Great Mother}. But the knowledge that women attain by realising within themselves the Buddha archetype, of which they are the exemplar as 'Green Tara', is only a preliminary stage to that enlightening sense of love, to know oneself through the knowledge which the Divine Mother has of herself through the heart of spiritually creative men.

génitum, non factum  The difference between natural women and 'women in planetary consciousness' is not that the former are completely devoid of the higher mental-spiritual element, but that the enlightened being in women does not of itself have the power of Planetary Consciousness and that, in order to give birth to it, it must first be "fertilised" by 'the Pentecostal polity (Soloviev, The Justification of the good)', by men {Solar City} who having become wholly »Mary«. These enlightened spiritual souls can beget planetary-humane femininity. Lions, on the other hand only sire lionesses, inescapable loneliness.

The real goal of paternal spirituality lies in the transformation of female nature itself, which, such as it is, is constantly opponing the totalitarian process, the monstrous experiment of abolishing spontaneity as a female mode of behaviour of transforming it into a thing that, given the same conditions, will always behave in the same way. (after Hannah Arendt, Elements and Origins of Total Domination). But also "religion" will demonstrably achieve nothing if it tries to persuade women nowadays, that it would be better if femininity were to abandon its infatuation towards fragile men, or physical -, mental - or spiritually strong masculinity. If women would be really able to cure the passion of 'having loved in their own way' (L. Tolstoy) – with the consequences of unforeseen illness or lifelong unhappiness – it is because it was successful to act upon subtle imaginative powers of the heart of the female soul, but not of transpersonal reason. The psychoanalytical dialogue of the Cultural-Creatives can awaken in women the intelligently working organic capacity of a 'love for the enlightened souls: as Ramas, Krishnas, Shivas and Buddhas in the present time', which has been dormant until this moment; which is able to bring to effect a more efficacious healing power than the conscious will of men to spiritual 'Universal Worship'. But how is dialogue able to do this? Either, through the influence of the Holy Spirit, the power to say "No!" has been given to the collective feminine, or one's own preaching of the 'teachings of the Lord' has awakened a love for beauty and the conscience of the New Femininity has, in the spirit of guidance, made accessible its source of the divine power 'Nom-du-Père', which had hitherto been considered lost in the being of »woman«. Austerity – the »No« of spiritual femininity – may remind the Cultural Creatives of the Marian ideal, to guide the suffering femininity back to the "Yes" of love through dialogue.

Women must also first become "capable of relationship" just as men – only in complementary practice, by clearing away their coarsest emotional veils and obscurations through preparatory spiritual exercises, and then acquire mental merits in the giving of Dharma. Only after this it is possible to receive more advanced teachings that relate to» the love«; and in order to apply these effectively, women need to know what they are doing, why they are doing it and, above all, with whom. Any woman who thinks she can get along without this basis will make gross mistakes and her wrong views »About Relationship Life« and the attachment to it, will only increase as long as she has not understood the basics. For 'some men never marry' (cf. Matthew 19:12). Instead of allowing their seed to flow downwards, they use to raise it up to the brain. They are called "dervishes who elevate". Since they raise the semen, mainly through the process of dhikr, their mind is enabled to work productively and their life span increases. In this way dervishes take upon themselves all kinds of abstentions with perseverance to be raised to the 'omnipotence of Allah'. However, they will be Europe's worst teachers in this if faith in the one is lacking to whom 'The Three Kings from the East' prostrated themselves: and worshipped.

It often happens to women that they love 'bad men' with disregard for their sense of shame, because it requires a spiritual consciousness to feel shame essentially. However, when women feel ashamed, usually naturally from midlife onwards, this is almost always accompanied by considerable speechlessness. With men, on the other hand, with the increase of spiritual power, the sense of shame decreases, lies increase [does this explain the desire for warfare, a ruthless murdering of young men for the purpose of serial marriages?].

The emergence of the archetypes brings about transformation – in reverence. The reverent whole is formed out of different parts that fit together. And when the sun had healed the psychic organism of the Great Goddess, and the grave is empty, and wind overcame fear, and the shame of the earth found its sacred place, the heavens trembled at thy birth, O Lord, for fear of thy fire, and the earth trembled for fear of thy wrath. O Vishnu, thou art space and wind, fire, water and earth.


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essence  Alpha et Omega

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